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Posted: 02-15-2018, 08:52 AM
Just some time ago there is news about the presence of Nvidia Turing is rumored to be a chip under GeForce or for the PC Gaming segment. But, as I recall the author some time ago there are also rumors that confirm that the next GeForce segment will use the architecture of Ampere or most cepet later this year or early next year appears. And also keep in mind Nvidia was still leading with their Pascal architecture among PC Gaming although AMD launched the Vega GPU though. So simply, there is still no reason for Nvidia to issue a new GPU in the PC Gaming segment.

Nvidia Turing Enigma

From the code name Turing itself seems to be the code Nvidia if the card will be dedicated specifically for cryptomining. Turing is taken from the name of British scientist Alan Turing who managed to lead a group of mathematicians to penetrate the Nazi Enigma Crptography. So Nvidia Turing seems to be dedicated to crypto-mining and blockchain accelerators that are designed to be compact, efficient and ready for large-scale procurement for both mining companies and individuals.


Nvidia Turing itself can be produced at a low cost compared to GeForce products and certainly on a large scale to restore the price of PC Gaming components. This Nvidia product can be an ASIC rival and will definitely change the world map of cryptocurrency because now many people can mine with cheaper price.

But the author's analysis seems to be true if this card as rumored, that is cheap price with good performance of mining. It will definitely destroy the price of cryptocurrency because as we know the value of the cryptocurrency is based on the principle of market demand. So if this card is present as promised, there will be a lot of crpytocurrency in circulation and will certainly decrease the value of the cryptocurrency itself.

But the question back again, whether the miner intend to buy the card? Given that GeForce cards can be resold to gaming cards, while the dedicated Nvidia Turing for mining will have a low resale price or in extreme cases no one will buy it.
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